About ID Marine Services:

ID Marine Services is a young enterprise with highly qualifed employees of all age-groups having many years experience in various felds of the marine repairs and technical shipsupply.

Also available with us is a complete machine shop for welding,cutting,overhauling and drawing based fabrication of parts , our expirienced team of marine engineers can inspect, service and comission Main/Aux engines,deck machinery and other related hardware.


-Certified Marine Welders
-Complete Workshop for Machining or Fabrication
-Ship Machinery Repairs

Motor trading & rewinding is a core business of ID Marine Services. We have in stock Electrical motors up to 500 KW and are able to offer quick and reliable delivery. Other services available are:
AC/DC Motors and Drives, Transformers, Welding Machines, Alternators, Pumps, Dynamic Balancing, Welding,Mig,Tig,Stick,Gas, Lathe, Milling Work, Custom Parts…


We work hard to ensure that our products are safe and effective to use. We are committed to making our products more accessible and affordable thus always looking for new products and technologies.

We are technical Shipsuppliers and wholesalers in the Port of Valencia carrying large stocks in:

-Wire Ropes
-Electric Motors
-Marine Tapes
-Marine Calibrators
-Hydraulic Supplies
-Surface Preparation
-Cabin Supplies
-Deck Stores
-Engine Stores
-Electrical Equipment
-IMO Signs