About ID Marine Services:

ID Marine Services is a young enterprise with highly qualifed employees of all age-groups having many years experience in various felds of the marine repairs and technical shipsupply.

Also available with us is a complete machine shop for welding,cutting,overhauling and drawing based fabrication of parts , our expirienced team of marine engineers can inspect, service and comission Main/Aux engines,deck machinery and other related hardware.


-Certified Marine Welders
-Complete Workshop for Machining or Fabrication
-Ship Machinery Repairs

Motor trading & rewinding is a core business of ID Marine Services. We have in stock Electrical motors up to 500 KW and are able to offer quick and reliable delivery. Other services available are:
AC/DC Motors and Drives, Transformers, Welding Machines, Alternators, Pumps, Dynamic Balancing, Welding,Mig,Tig,Stick,Gas, Lathe, Milling Work, Custom Parts…

For the last 10 years Our R&D dpt also provides pioneer solutions in Fuel Oil removing technologies.